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The longer I'm in the recovery business the longer I am amazed at the persistence the  disease of addiction has in taking over individuals locked in their addictive mindset. I have developed a compassion for those who suffer from drug and alcohol abuse that never wavers. With the proliferation of fentanyl, overdose is now the number one cause of death for 18-25 year old's.  The drug dealers are putting it in cocaine, crack, crystal meth and even weed. No one is safe. I have worked with clients who have never done an opiate, relapse, then wind up dead. When their family shares the toxicology report with me it invariably shows that they died of a fentanyl  overdose. I have comforted countless parents who have lost their children to this deadly phenomenon.  

Allow me to help you and your family out of the vicious cycle known as drug addiction. I have had tremendous success in overcoming the denial which is so prevalent with this disease. As a recovering addict myself I understand where others do not. By being clean and sober for the last 32 years I have a personalized approach which works. I promise you.  I  will succeed where others have failed. Many drug rehabs and drug abuse centers  have a cookie cutter approach. I can tailor-make my approach to fit the specific needs of my  clients and their families. I will work on a sliding scale for those who are having difficulty paying for services. Please pick up the phone and call now. You can beat your addiction now!

Ernie Richardson


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