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Affirmation and Insight Assignment

Affirmations are sometimes needed to override negative thoughts about ourselves that we have accumulated in our life’s journey. In fact, positive affirmations need to be repeated far more than we believe necessary, so that they can set in. The following is a list of affirmations, they may work for you, if not develop some of your own. Read the list and repeat over and over again the one’s that apply to you. Choose an activity that you do everyday in the morning like brush your teeth or shave or put on your makeup. Pick 3 of the affirmations below and look into the eyes of the person who’s teeth you are brushing or who’s face you are shaving and repeat the affirmations daily. Notice I didn’t say to look into your own eyes but rather look into the eyes of that person staring back at you. It wont work if you look into your own eyes because you don’t believe these things about yourself at first. The day you convince that person in the mirror is the day that these affirmations are starting to work.

The first 3 are my personal favorites.

ü I am a good person

ü I am one of God’s kids

ü I deserve to feel good about myself

● God loves me and I trust in His care for me.

● I am lovable.

● I understand that I am incomplete and that I can get better and better each day.

● I forgive myself for the mistakes that I have made.

● I can accept my successes and my failures.

● I can learn from my mistakes.

● I am valuable because I am created in God’s image.

● I welcome challenges.

● I love myself and others.

● I accept my powerlessness.

● I am honest with myself and others.

● I am patient, gentle, and compassionate.

● I am walking out of the isolation of an addictive life.

● I am grateful for my relationships with my family.

● I am persistent, strong, a survivor.

● It is great to be alive!

● I look good.

● I enjoy play and humor.

● I am letting go of my need to control.

If you practice this simple tool you will be well on your way to improving and increasing your self-worth and self-esteem.


Ernie R.

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