Constructing Contentment

Outside influences have very little impact on our contentment. Promotions, new connections, and timely lottery wins give only a short-term increase to contentment before we go back to a natural baseline. Sustained contentment takes work. Listed below are exercises that, when practiced frequently, can build habits of contentment. Choose a few exercises that fit well with your life and make a point to practice them every day.

Gratitude List:

Write down three things for which you are thankful every day. Don’t worry if they seem simple or boring—just get something down on paper. Composing gratitude lists will help you recognize positive aspects of even the most horrible days.

Acts of thoughtfulness:

Make a deliberate effort to do something nice for no reason other than to help someone. You might be amazed how a simple act of thoughtfulness can turn around the day for both you and the thoughtfulness recipient.


The constructive effects of exercise are amazing. Physically active people have increased energy, superior immune systems, and a frequent sense of accomplishment. Exercise can reduce insomnia, stimulate brain growth, and even act as an anti-depressant. If jogging or lifting weights seems like too much, don’t be frightened to start with a 30 minute walk or a gradual bike ride.


Studies have correlated meditation with decreased anxiety and more positive emotions. Those who meditate regularly may even permanently restructure their brains to create prolonged contentment.

Positive journaling:

Take some time to write about encouraging events in your life. Write about a fun day spent with friends, a good movie, or an activity you enjoyed. Positive journaling will get you into the practice of concentrating on the positive.

Fostering relationships:

Strong social connections are thought to be one of the most powerful influences on our mood. Those who are dedicated to spending time with friends and family show the highest levels of happiness. If you can’t see your loved ones every day you can still send an email or make a phone call. If it feels like you never see your loved ones, schedule time that can be dedicated to them.

We can endure the present and look forward to the future together.


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