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Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic- Part 9

Like everyone else I too am locked down except for one day a week I have to go to my office. The way the world has changed boggles my mind. Its been turned upside down. I find that I have a new respect for my fellow beings. I see everyone in a different light nowadays. I look at people, not as a potential risk to my health but as a person who's life too has been turned upside down. I walk around and think "What do people think of this new world"? "How are they coping with the changes that take part in their world everyday"? How are you people doing? How are you dealing with this new world?

What changes are you implementing in your life now?

Let's try this little exercise:

Imagine that tonight as you sleep a miracle occurs in your life. A magical momentous happening that has completely solved this problem and perhaps rippled out to cover and infinitely improve other areas of your life too… Think for a moment and tell me… how is life going to be different now? Describe it in detail. What’s the first thing you’ll notice as you wake up in the morning?

Let me know how you would answer this miracle.

Let's open a true dialogue on how your life would change.

Ernie R. 954-213-3923

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