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The New America.

I am looking at the news (I know it’s a mistake) but I can’t help but to wonder what direction this world is heading. I see the protesters and I feel their outrage. But what is surprising is the mix of the ethnicity of the people who are gathering. Yes, I see black and brown people but I also see a large amount of white people. I am encouraged by that mixture. Then as night falls the same mixture of people are rioting and looting. No, check that. I see more white people starting trouble and then taking advantage of the situation, breaking into stores, looting them, and then setting fire to them.

I am scared that this country, my country, will never be the same. Maybe it’s not supposed to go back to being the same. Maybe it’s supposed to change into an America that holds all people to the same standard. And that includes law enforcement people. I have family members who are law enforcement people. They have a tough job. But what happened in Minnesota was deplorable. I support people who stand up for their rights as Americans and demand their voices be heard.

Lets open up a dialogue where all people can be heard; young, old, black, brown, white and yellow people. Let’s see if we all can change this country, which I love, and which I believe can come back from both this pandemic and this social unrest. I think it’s a great time to confront our anger. Please read on and see if we can somehow come together.

Anger is a very strong emotion. It is every bit as normal as falling in love. We generate our own anger. No one can make us angry, we make ourselves angry. Anger is a product of unmet expectations or needs. Much of our anger can be lightened if we stop trying to change other people. Anger can be beneficial, but resentment is never beneficial. Anger can conceal our true feelings of hurt, worry or apprehension. If you never get angry, you are either dead or a fake. As with any other emotion, managing anger gets easier with practice and typically enhances relationships.

Dealing with the anger of others: First, acknowledge and affirm the persons’ angry feelings. It is okay to be angry. Next, help them to express and talk about their anger. Do not justify, contradict, interrupt, or rationalize their anger. Send the message that you value them as a person. Try not to personalize the situation. Finally, distract them or help them physically work out their anger. Have them go for a walk with you, take a break, or get a drink. Physical work and distractions can go a long way to dissipate a negative situation.

Dealing with your own anger: Recognize that it stems from an unmet expectation or needs. Examine your expectations and needs. Acknowledge your anger, then accept it, express it, distract it, and reprogram your thinking. Maintain a balanced view of the situation. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Healthy anger is normal.

All the anger I see being expressed can be the catalyst for some needed changes in our society. Take a look inside yourself. What do you see? Do you see a person who wants to change? Do you see a person who doesn’t really care? Its time we all stood up. Its time we stand up together. The Power of the Universe is watching us. Seeing if we really care about ourselves and our fellow man. I believe that we can do it! I believe that we can make the necessary changes that our new America needs. Don’t sit back and do nothing.

I always sign my posts with one word. And that word is PEACE. Today when I end my post it will have a special meaning for me. Its what I truly want in my New America- and it starts with YOU! PEACE Ernie R.

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